Autumn Colours

Last Wednesdays walk, the day before Lockdown 2 kicked in.

For locals it was park in Brierly, along the path at the bottom of the ridge, (forestry activity at the top so quite muddy). Some fabulous Larch trees here.

Then through to Crabtree Hill and eventually down through the fenced area of Forest Farm PLC., with their half a dozen cows that are supposed to keep the scrub from invading….. some hope.

Now round some of Worsgreen Lake, quite muddy and only going to get worse, pity they did not spend the money they wasted on fencing to lay a gravel path all the way round. Hey ho.

Finally  back up Crabtree Hill, looking for the Shrike and then retrace our steps to Brierly. A good long walk about two hours in glorious sunshine with fabulous Autumn colours.

Not many wild flowers about, some Ragwort and even a few Buttercups but who needs them when the leaves are so bright and colourful.

3 thoughts on “Autumn Colours

  1. What a glorious day you had for your walk!


    1. Yes but the subsequent days have made up for it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes! Haven’t they just!


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