Clearwell Walks; October

I have not posted about our walks for some time, not since the lock down was relaxed and now it seems we will soon be locked down again. We have maintained our regime of walking, four a week but we have taken advantage of being able to venture further afield. So now the set up is this …. Monday, local Clearwell from the house; Wednesday, a  more adventurous walk ,sometimes in the Black Mountains or Brecon Beacons but now Wales is out so it is more local; Friday, local Clearwell and Sunday local but a short drive so maybe Ninewells Wood, Wye Valley or Forest of Dean, again the Ninewells option is now out.

Today is Friday so we did the Chicken farm walk, we now have names for them all and this walk goes behind a chicken farm for a short way, it smells a bit but otherwise does not detract and the smell is only for a couple of minutes, there are some wonderful views across to the Sugar Loaf and Hay Bluff, also now some lovely autumn colours.


Field Maple

Today I was attracted to the fruits and seeds of Autumn, I took quite a few shots but I did not have my glasses with me so quite a few have been deleted and even what I am left with are borderline acceptable….. just look at the colours and not how sharp they are.

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One of our neighbours has put this up in their field…. looks good and is a reminder.


Wonder what the sheep make of it?

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5 thoughts on “Clearwell Walks; October

  1. Beautiful autumn colours!
    Those Remembrance silhouettes are wonderful! One of our local churches has three of them.


    1. Yes they are very good, can you buy them? this one is in a private field belonging to a couple who live down the road in our village.

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      1. I believe the silhouettes were first available to purchase during the centenary year – 2018. I have had a look and Amazon sell them
        and they are also available through some Etsy sites.


      2. Oh yes and so many different sorts, even a poppies sticker to brighten up your wheelie bin! Plenty of folks out there trying to make a fast buck.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh yes! Aren’t there always!


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