Woodland Wildflower identification and information

The flowers are arranged in blocks of 8 and roughly in the order in which they first come into bloom. If you click on the appropriate  highlighted name below the block then that will link through to a page dedicated to that species.


NB Click on the typed name, not the photo

First flowers appearing  in January/February.

    Gorse        Winter Heliotrope        Winter Aconite   Greater Periwinkle  

   Lesser Periwinkle    Snowdrop      Coltsfoot                Lesser Celandine      

Stinking Hellebore     Green Hellebore       Sweet Violet         Golden Saxifrage

Alternate leaved Saxifrage Barren Strawberry  Dogs Mercury     Giant Butterbur


First flowers appearing in March.

Yellow Star of Bethlehem       Butchers broom     Wood Anemone       Primrose

Ground Ivy            Butterbur                  Wild Daffodil          Spring Crocus


Creeping Buttercup   Common Dog Violet  Wood Dog Violet         Wood Spurge

Green Alkanet      Lungwort     White Dead Nettle                Red Campion


First flowers appearing in April

Greater Stitchwort     Cuckooflower       Moschatel         Bilberry

Wood sorrel    Herb Robert     Bugle         Ramsons


Wild Tulip          Bluebell            American Skunk Cabbage       Three-nerved Sandwort

Sheep’s sorrel   Fringe Cups    Garlic Mustard     Wild Strawberry 


First flowers appearing in May

Water Avens       Pink Purslane     Bush Vetch    Bitter Vetchling

  Cow Parsley   Wood Forget me not      Yellow Archangel          Wood Speedwell


Toothwort       Woodruff       Early Purple Orchid      Lords and Ladies

Welsh Poppy     Goldilocks Buttercup      False Oxlip      Columbine


Monkshood       Climbing Corydalis      Stinging Nettle      Wood Stitchwort

Common Bistort  Narrow-leaved Bittercress  Large Bittercress      White Bryony


Flowers first appearing in June

Yellow Pimpernel      Navelwort        Herb Bennet    Shining Cranesbill

Hog weed       Rough Chervil    Pignut     Sanicle


  Common Figwort      Heath Speedwell     Common Cow-wheat    Cleavers

Leopardsbane   Spiked Star of Bethlehem   Solomons Seal    Herb Paris


Lilly of the Valley   Common Spotted Orchid  Common Twayblade     Fly Orchid

White and Narrow-leaved Helleborine  Bastard Balm Wood Dock Common Wintergreen


Slender St John’s Wort      Trailing St John’s Wort      Tutsan     Creeping Jenny

Meadow Sweet       Trailing Tormentil    Fragrant Agrimony     Wood Vetch


Greater Birdsfoot Trefoil     Narrow-leaved Everlasting Pea     Broad-leaved Willow Herb     American Willow Herb

Rosebay Willow Herb   Upright Spurge    Caper Spurge    Wood Cranesbill


Ground-elder Wild Angelica Lesser and Common Centaury  Bittersweet

Tuberous Comfrey Common Gromwell Hedge Woundwort Selfheal


Foxglove Ivy Broomrape  Nettle-leaved Bellflower Spreading Bellflower

Wild Madder Common Valerian  Marsh Thistle Nipplewort


Martagon Lilly  Angular Solomon’s Seal Stinking Iris  Greater Butterfly Orchid

Red Helleborine  Birds Nest Orchid  Wall Lettuce  Water Pepper


Pale St John’s Wort  Heather  Orpine  Pale Willow Herb

Greater Willow HerEnchanters Nightshade Hedge Parsley Skullcap


Wood Sage Yellow Birds Nest Giant and Peach-leaved Bellflower Ivy-leaved Bellflower

Small Teasel Goldenrod Ploughman’s Spikenard Heath Cudweed


Saw wort Wood Burdock  Hemp Agrimony   Violet Helleborine

Broad-leaved Helleborine Narrow-lipped Helleborine Green-flowered Helleborine Sowbread

The flowers in this last set have been added recently and are not in the right sequence according to flowering time.                                                                                This will be sorted out in due course


Autumn Crocus  Laurel Spurge  Black Bryony   Germander Speedwell    

Thyme-leaved Speedwell Ivy leaved speedwell Ragged Robin   Loddon Lilly


That’s  yer lot

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