Woodlands I have visited

Below are a list of the woodlands that I have visited in my quest for the photos to illustrate this blog.

Blakes Wood, off A4136  near Staunton, Gloucestershire.                                     May 2017

Bodkin Hazel Wood Gloucestershire                                                                    6th March 2018

Buckholt Wood,  Gloucestershire, near Birdlip.                                                      23rd January 2018

Cadora Woods                                                                                                      20th February 2020

Clearwell Meend                                                                                                   Many times

Honeypot Wood, Norfolk                                                                                       From 1985 to 2012

Lady Park Wood.  Wye valley  between Monmouth and Symonds Yat                26th January 2018

Lancaut Reserve, Wye valley                                                                                   6th February 2018 plus lots of further visits.

Ninewells Wood, Monmouthshire, up fom Llandogo and near Trellech              Many times.

Quedgeley Nature Reserve,  suburb of Gloucester                                           23rd January 2018 and 29th Jan 2020

Barbadoes Wood, near Tintern,  Monmouthshire                                                 February 27th 2019

Manor Wood The Narth , Monmouthshire                                                            March 4th 2019


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