Woodland Wild Flowers by Alan Waterman

I recieved some copies of my book prior to release date of 6th May 2021. This is me with the book in hand and standing at the exact spot where the front cover photo was taken almost a year ago. I suspect the photo would have been taken more or less on the 6th May as the Ramsons are a little way off flowering at the moment.

To order a copy I suggest you go to your local bookshop and order it from them, local is best. You can order on line from Merlin Unwin the publishers and it is available at all the big suppliers like Waterstones, Blackwells, Smiths, Amazon and Walmart. If you live overseas in France or some such then it is also available with all the big book suppliers in each of those countries. So there is no excuse! Prices vary but rrp is £20 and then the shipping cost.

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3 thoughts on “Woodland Wild Flowers by Alan Waterman

  1. Congratulations, Alan! I will certainly be ordering my copy as soon as I can.


    1. Many thanks, I did like your Flatford post, I went there for my A level field course, it was a few years ago but of course it still looks the same.

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      1. Thank you, Alan. It has hardly changed at all in 200 years!


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