Clearwell walks; recent sightings

We have several possible walks and are discovering a few new foot paths but inevitably we are now going over routes which we have already done.  Sometimes we are combining the first half of one route with a section of another route. There are quite a few possibilities. However reporting on each sortie would probably tax my powers of creative writing so I am going to link several trips into one report.

Generally as you know I look out for wild flowers but I am not adverse to any wildlife, feather fur or scaled. However I only take a little Olympus camera with me and in my other pocket I have a small pair of binoculars. This is after all  designated as my one hour a day exercise and not a photographic exercise. So good photos of wildlife are going to be beyond my little camera. Below is a photo of a nice Roe deer buck which we saw in a wooded ride on our Monday walk. Can you see it?

Here it is again …. same photo but heavily cropped. In terms of bird life, I am hearing Chiff chaffs all over the place, one neighbor said she had heard a cuckoo but I have not, also no Swallows, Swifts or House Martins, but I suspect it wont be long before I see them. We did have a Red Kite swooping quite low over the garden on Sunday.

OK back to the flowers, below is a selection from our recent walks, the star of the show is a False Oxlip. This grows on Clearwell Meend and I have seen it growing there for the last few years. It is the only one I know of in this area. It is a hybrid between Primroses and Cowslip, both of which grow on Clearwell Meend, so it is not surprising that one should crop up.

False Oxlip


Here are  a few others.

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