Clearwell walks; Sunday

Sunday so we went down to the church and up over the hill and back round, sort of combining two previous walks. Sad to see the church all closed up and with a notice on the door. Not that I am a church goer but it must be upsetting to some folks.

Some White Dead Nettle was growing at the beginning of the path, quite common and so far I have not photographed it on my walks, so today it is the star of the show.

That set me looking for other often overlooked flowers and there are lots of Dandelions in flower. This is actually a stunning flower but because it is so common it gets ignored. Another name for it is Pis en lit. I also found some Barren Strawberry, it looks like the wild Strawberry but does not produce the fruits, and a bit further on there was some Yellow Archangel, related to the White Dead Nettle, however it might have been a garden escape as the leaves showed slight signs of variegation.

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Our walk was coming to an end a little before the allotted 60 minutes so we made a little extra tour around the Clearwell well and just behind it I spotted some Periwinkle but this was Lesser Periwinkle unlike the ones I had seen on previous walks.

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