Clearwell walks

Yesterday (Monday) we went for a walk along a footpath which passes between the Church and the Castle. Yes we have a castle, its not a ruin, like so many castles are, it is in good nick, but that is because it is not that old. It was built by the Wyndham family in the 1770’s although there had been a building on the site for many years prior to that.  It is now used as a wedding venue. Well it was but as with so many businesses it is on hold now. 

I am not sure that the walls and fence angle up from the path as much as they seem to in this photo, it could be that I had put my little camera into landscape mode and it did a wide angle which does tend to cause this effect. The path we took is the one going off to the right and the church is just a bit further down to the right. A little way up the path you can look back down  on the church which is sort of the centre of the village… all very rural and idyllic.

Along the path which is quite shady there are several woodland wildflowers including Green Alkanet which some people despise as once established in a garden it spreads and is difficult to control or eradicate.  There are also a few Toothwort plants which are weird and parasitic. Lots of Wild Arum, more about them in a week or so when they come into flower. Also there are quite a few violets. Violets come in several different species, but so far I have only found Sweet Violet along this path,  but there are both white and violet versions.


Once out onto the fields there were not many flowers to be seen, but in a few weeks I expect there will be the usual buttercups and such like.

Tomorrow its stay at home day and we do gym type exercises, we have a set of weights so its various lifting combined with sit ups and planks etc, we don’t look forward to it.  We do this on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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