Well, Corona is having all sorts of consequences, some quite devastating and many yet to unfold. Personally it has changed my life somewhat, but so far it has not been anything like as traumatic as it has been for some folks. So I am not complaining. I am not impressed with our government, but I will not get into that.

In my own little world and my wife’s (its more or less just the two of us now) We do get lots of supportive calls and texts and whats aps from family, also the village community is very good but basically we are mostly on our own as are most of us. In our world its walks and doing stuff around the house.

Walks are now from the house and we are blessed by living in a lovely village surrounded by beautiful countryside. I have explored much of it over the last 6 years since we moved here but we are now discovering quite a lot more.

I like to photograph wild flowers and other wildlife so there is still plenty to see. But I am hoping to get a book published on Woodland wildflowers. The manuscript is with the publishers and the latest I heard from them is that I should use this Spring and Summer to hone to perfection my photographs and then the book will be prepared and printed this Autumn and Winter for publication next Spring. How Corona will affect all this I do not know. But one effect is that I will not be able to improve on many of my photos because lots of the rarer wildflowers do not grow within walking distance of our house.

So I thought I might write a regular blog about our walks from the house and what wild flowers we do manage to see. So far we have been on three walks locally and I have spotted several interesting species. Here is a slide show of some of them. Not all the photographs are 100% …. oh dear.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More stuff about the walks and the flowers over the days, weeks, months,???? years to come.

The Cross Clearwell
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2 thoughts on “Corona

  1. Just loved reading your email. It is so sad that we can’t venture far at this time. But, be optimistic the gardens, hedgerows etc aren’t affected by this virus so all the beautiful wild flowers will still be there when this is over. We have a two and a half acre garden which we have been preparing for sowing. We have packets of wild flowers waiting to go in, but two days ago it was twenty degrees and today it is snowing. Weird old weather. Looking forward to your book. Let us know when it is published.


    1. I have a very small garden but still enough for some fresh air visiting birds and to grow a mix of salady type veg. We are also in a little village and surrounded with wonderful countryside and lots of potential walks (from the house) All the best.


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