Spring Time Favourites

Ninewells wood is perhaps not the best wood locally for Spring time wild flowers, it does not have hardly any Ramsons and generally it is low on bluebells although there is a region close to the watch tower which is quite good.

Bluebells near the Watch Tower.

However there is one little beauty that I find particularly endearing which is Climbing Corydalis, this is attractive not because of its flowers which are small and cream coloured but because of what is known as its habit which is the way it grows. It does climb a bit but mostly its one part of the plant supporting another, so it is sort of intertwined and it does have tendrils which help it cling together, its stems have a slight reddish hue and the whole thing is quite delicate and beautiful.

Climbing Corydalis on the Napoleonic wall.


Another delight which again you need to get down and take a close look at to fully appreciate it, is the Bilberries which have a pink flowers that are sort of bell shaped and close up are very attractive. The foliage also adds to the picture being particularly bright green and vibrant, also sometimes with a hint of pink to match the flowers. All the leaves of the trees and shrubs are at their best at this time of year with that delightful fresh green hue.

Bilberry close up


So there you have it later in the year the attraction is the Hemp Agrimony and the Foxgloves also there is generally a good range of butterflies.

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