October flowers; Wild Cyclamen

In almost every month of the year there are new flowers to be found, in terms of Woodland Wild Flowers it obviously reaches a peak in Spring and Early Summer but there is always something around. Some species seem to flower almost all year round, like White Dead Nettle and of course Gorse which has a little rhyme about its flowering. However even discounting these which flower throughout the year then there are still those which come into flower and just flower for a short time and each month there are some of these.

October; Well its not that productive in terms of flowers that start to bloom in these ever shortening days, however the Wild Cyclamen or Sowbread as it is also known is one such. This year it seems to have done even better than usual. Mostly the flowers are pink but you can often get very pale or even white ones mixed in.

In my book it is in the section of Autumn Flowers along with eleven others. Autumn in my book is September October and November, other flowers in this section are Meadow Saffron Water Pepper, and Goldenrod.  The book is divided into five seasons well yes there is Winter, Spring, Early Summer, High Summer and Autumn. This is because there are so many shade tolerant and woodland flowers in May, June and July. The first of the Winter flowers is Winter Heliotrope and that should just about get going by the end of November, certainly well underway by December.

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