Book award

After a month away in the sun I was pleased to get back to see how our wood was getting on. Spring has sprung and even in our wood which is always a bit behind due to its elevation the Silver Birch are showing little green leaves, nothing on the Oak and Beech yet.

Sunny but April showers not far away

A  few wild flowers are out. Not Bluebells but some woodland wild flowers like Barren Strawberry and Wood Anemone. I was pleased to see some Celandine had sprung up near the entrance. I do not purposely introduce any species into our wood, all is natural but I suspect the Celandine was brought in on mud on the tyres of my truck. The Yellow Archangel was planted I suspect by a local resident and is the variegated version.

I was also pleased to find that my certificate for ‘Woodland Books of the Year had arrived’. So I now have a set; Best Blog, Woodland Website and Woodland Book.

The book is available at all good bookshops and on line!!!

Also spring has sprung for the birds and mammals, Lots of Chiffchaffs and Willow warblers were singing and I saw several flitting about, also a Song Thrush was belting it out.

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