Gardens Illustrated Review

In the latest edition of Gardens Illustrated my book Woodland Wildflowers gets reviewed. Well thankyou so much to Hannah Gardener the reviewer. it is just full of nice things, the best bit from my point of view is this.

‘Under the heading Woodlands: why they look like they do today Hannah said the author Alan Waterman very neatly condenses a lifetime of natural history knowledge into one brilliant chapter. Discussing the history of British woodland since the last Ice Age some 12,000 years ago, he delves into areas such as sustainable woodland coppicing, listing species, their cutting cycles and uses. Details on how pollen analysis and the life cycle and survival methods of woodland plants follow.

The effect of light levels and the structure of woodland soils are demystified. Waterman has a gift for communicating complex ideas in an authoritive but unfussy style.

1 thought on “Gardens Illustrated Review

  1. Congratulations! What a lovely review!


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