Wetlands matter

My Grandson has a passion for wetland habitats and being well traveled he would no doubt, be thinking of Mangrove swamps, and places like the Nile delta, as well as the London Wetland Centre,  Slimbridge  and Newport Wetlands,which are a few of his favourite UK reserves.

This web site is all about woodland wildflowers and is more or less complete. I am now working on a second site called our coasts and their wildflowers and this of course includes salt marshes, a wetland habitat. In due course I would like to tackle other habitats and I am keen to cover other wetlands like Fens Marshes and Bogs.

It is his contention that these habitats whilst recognised as important are somewhat overlooked compared to say woodlands both British and more tropical examples like the Amazon and in Borneo where he recently spent sometime planting trees to help protect the Orangutans and of course habitats like the iconic African savannas.

He has embarked on a big campaign to increase awareness of these habitats. It is supported by Kamp Kernow  in Cornwall where he visited last year and would have liked to return to this year.

Fred has:
* researched and put together an informative presentation about wetlands available to download from the website here: http://campkernow.org.uk/ilovewetlandscampaign

*Started a petition calling for wetlands to be recognised in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. You can show your support and sign the petition here: http://change.org/savewetland

*created a letter writing campaign to share your favourite wetland with friends. His suggested template letter is available to download at camp’s web address http://www.campkernow.org.uk

*made this wonderfully creative promotional video using stop start animation.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6TVaf1ey-E

*Hopefully inspired you to find out more about wetlands, their importance for the health of the planet and the steps you can take to support their protection. Do have a look at all his work the u tube video is only a couple of minutes long

Also please support Fred and add your name to the petition at change.org.  I generally do not sign these things but have done this time, not so much because he is my Grandson but because I support his aims but even more because we need to encourage youngster like him.

He is only 11 years old and the world now needs as much help as it can get and its his generation that will bear the brunt of our failures and his generation who may be able to put it right

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2 thoughts on “Wetlands matter

  1. Absolutely brilliant! I love the animation and the poem. What a clever young man. You must be very proud of him. I’ve signed the petition.

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    1. Yes he is a star, as all grandchildren should be. Thanks for signing the petition.

      Liked by 2 people

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