Clearwell walks…. the last week.

This week we have continued to enjoy the developing Spring and explored some new footpaths. However I think this little series may have run its course as there are only so many walks, also I have discovered that the Police guidelines do say that is permissible to drive to a location to take a walk or other exercise, as long as the drive is considerably shorter than the time spent exercising. They also suggest that the period of exercise can be more than one hour, because they say that it is permitted to take a break from exercise to eat your lunch.  I am not sure if these guidelines fully reflect the Government position but their position seems to be very vague and also seems to change every so often. Click here to read the Police Guidance

So I will exercise restraint and only drive a very short distance and only a couple of times a week but it does mean I will have more flexibility and next week the weather is set to turn nasty, so maybe a few less Clearwell walks.

OK back to this week, Ramsons are now comming into flower and looking very attractive, especially when mixed with bluebells. In our close vicinity the Ramsons dominate and Bluebells are a bit of an afterthought, I know in other areas, involving a short car journey from Clearwell there are some stunning displays of Bluebells.

I have taken a few photos this week of some of the tiny flowers that often get overlooked like two Speedwells, the Ivy-Leaved Speedwell and the Thyme-leaved Speedwell.

In the fields there are lots of Dandelions and Milkwort, but another species which is quite common, perhaps too common is the Daisy, I cant remember ever taking a photo of it but it is quite a gem.


Well that’s it for now, if I see something special or get inspired then I may return to this theme. Keep safe as they say. I am sure Boris will come up with a big statement next week to mark his return but whether it will amount to anything who knows.

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2 thoughts on “Clearwell walks…. the last week.

  1. We’ve just been walking from the house as car parks are taped off at Ninewells and Whitestones. Assume Loysey, Wet Meadow the same. It would be good to have a little more clarity. The advice in Wales seems different too. For example, I think in Wales only one outing a day is permitted no matter how short. Thanks for your good blogs!


    1. Yes we went up there at the weekend, first time for 4 weeks and the Ninewells is taped of and some one has broken the tape at Whitestones but there are lots of other little lay byes and pull off where you can park. It is all a bit confusing but no doubt it wont go on for ever.


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