Ninewells wood

Ninewells wood is in Monmouthshire between the village of Trellech and Broadstone or Catbrook.

It is of mixed ownership, some private and some Natural resources Wales (formerly Forestry Commision). We own 6.5 acreas of it in one corner nearest to the village of Broadstone. So I visit quite often.

When we bought it in 2013 I started to write a blog about it. This was really a sort of diary but one which might be of use to others. One feature of it was the wild flowers growing in the wood. I was quite keen to document what was in our section of the wood and to see how this would change after we removed the Corsican pine and replanted with deciduous trees. This lead on to one section of the blog which was woodland wildflowers of the Wye valley.

Subsequently I decided to set up a separate blog just devoted to Woodland wildflowers… not just of the Wye valley but covering all the UK….  in fact there are not so many extras involved, the Wye valley being fairly rich in flora and indeed fauna.

So if you want to know about Ninewells wood then click the link and rummage through that blog, it contains all sorts, anything and everything about that woodland.

There is public access and footpaths through and around it so please feel free…. but could you  take your litter and dog poo home with you…. thanks.

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