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Turning Knowledge into Understanding

Various articles are presented here which are relevant to a good understanding of woodland wildflowers. I have attempted to write them in a light hearted and interesting way, aware that too many botanical details are not always the most riveting of reading. I hope this slightly less than scientific approach will be acceptable.

First of all a series charting the evolution of plants on land. From blue green algae to Oak tree.

  1. A general introduction to the major groups
  2. The Bryophytes
  3. The Pteridophytes
  4. The Spermatophytes (Cycads)
  5. The Spermatophytes (Gymnosperms and Angiosperms)

The woodland environment; Part 1 Light.

The woodland environment ; Part 2 All the other environmental factors

Woodland classification. There are many different types of woodland

The history of woodlands in the UK; Part 1 .     This is from the end of the last ice age up to 2,000 years ago.

The history of Woodlands in the UK; Part 2.     This is the last 2000 years

Pollen Analysis

Woodland structure

The age of trees and how to age a tree.

Indicator species for ancient woodland.

The Origin of plant names


Hunting for wild flowers… how to find the rarities.

Lockdown Blues, and yellows and whites and some pinks and reds

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