Book Contract

18th August… I received in the post a contract to publish a book on Woodlands and wildflowers. Basically a book version of what used to be in this web site.


This site will now be used to write accounts of any woods I visit, and of course progress with the book. The projection is that it will be put together by the publishers, Merlin Unwin over the next few months then be printed off around Christmas and be ready to launch next Spring.


I am very please to have been signed up by these publishers, if you look at their web site they specialise in country books but as they say they are Britains finest publisher of countryside books. I have seen several of their publications and they really do produce stylish books, so I don’t think I could get a better publisher.

Click Merlin Unwin to have a look at their catalogue

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4 thoughts on “Book Contract

    1. Many thanks. I will update as it progresses.

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  1. Congratulations! Good luck with the project and I look forward to seeing your book in a few months time.


    1. Many thanks and thank you for your encouragement/support

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