golden Saxifrage2

The scientific name is Chrysosplenium oppositifolium which leads us on to its other name which is Opposite leaved saxifrage. This distinguishes it from a very similar plant called alternate leaved saxifrage. This plant has slightly larger flowers and as you would expect its leaves are not arranged in pairs up the stem but alternately one by one.

I have seen it growing in Ninewells wood and in the Whitestone area above Llandogo. It prefers wetter areas, often growing in the places where puddles develop after heavy rain….. It seems quite tolerant of heavy shade, but as it only grows to a height of a few centimetres, it cannot grow in places where taller plants like ferns and sedges are established.

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The flowers are small and a yellow green colour and the leaves, especially the upper most ones which surround the flowers, are also quite a similar colour so what you see is a yellow/green low growing band of vegetation. Not that exciting really.

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